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Friday, June 4, 2010

Western Province to ban tuition class on Sundays and Poya Days

First Sabaragamuwa province banned tuition classes for children between the ages of 5 to 16 years on Full Moon Poya days and on Sundays between 8am to 2pm. A few days Later Matara district followed a similar decision.

Now, the Western Province is also planning to do the same thing. The topic will be discussed at the Western Provincial Council on Tuesday, 8th June 2010.

The politicians are enforcing children to take part in religion; especially on Buddhism. A couple of years back the Government came up with a law to ban tuition classes on Sundays but that didn’t last long. Wonder why the provincial councils are trying to do this again? And wonder who is behind these moves?


1 comment:

  1. Outrages! if we ban activities to the whim of religious factions then we set a precedent and if some other group also requires a similar status of exclusivity then we would have to agree to it. If the government is requested to do so, should it also declare that tuition classes be banned on on Fridays (to appease the Islamic community)?

    Forcing young people to goto Dhamma schools just demonstrates how desperate the clergy and their lobby have become in recent times. They are losing their once powerful grip on society and are feverishly taking measures to assert their control over us all once again. Notice how monks are all over the media these days!