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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Updated Program Schedule - Prof. Narendra Nayak's visit to Sri Lanka

If you plan to attend regional branch locations of Sri Lanka Rationalist Association for Dr. Nayak's lectures, please contact following regional organizers to get further details.

Anuradhapura -  Terence Gamini - 071-8227391
Galle - Gamini Wilson - 091-2243352
Kandy - Dr. Sena Silva 081-223-6998
Kurunegala - Gunapala Pathiraja - 037-571-0774

Please see website for event details.
Questions: Please contact Tharaka Warapitiya: 0727449599

Events schedule:
Date: 25th January
Location: Prajashala, No. 2, in front of the market
Time: 3pm
Date:  26th January
Location: University of Peradeniya
Time: 5pm
Please call Tharaka for exact hall location
Date: 27th January
Location: Wandurassa Prajashalawa Ma-eliya
20km away from Kurunegala
Time: Contact Tharaka
Date: 28th, January
Location: Town Hall Galle
Time: 2.30pm
Tamil language discussion:
There will be a group discussion for Tamil language speakers on Sunday.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Professor Narendra Nayak to visit Sri Lanka


posted 7 minutes ago by Secular Sri Lanka Library
National President of Indian Federation of Rationalist Associations, Prof. Narendra Nayak will be in Colombo, Kandy, 
Anuradhapura and Galle to deliver a series of lectures and presentations to rationalist groups across Sri Lanka as a 
part of a joint public education program sponsored by the Secular Society of Sri Lanka and Sri Lanka Rationalist Association. 
Professor Nayak, a biochemistry professor and long time campaigner for Science, Secularism and Reason has been 
campaigning all around India and many countries, made several appearances for BBC, Discovery Channel, National Geographic.

Please see website for event details.  All are welcome! 

Don't miss this rare opportunity.

Videos of Prof. Nayak