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Friday, October 1, 2010

When Reason Sleeps Demons Dance !

Why would Sri Lanka's department of examination need a religious shrine of one particular religion in its property? Why would the commissioner general erect a shrine of a specific religion ignoring the other religions and non-believers of religion? Our government property shall represent the interests of all citizens and it must remain neutral in religious matters leaving it as a private matter of the government employees and focus on your professional assignments as servants of the entire citizenship.

Shall we also consider building a Temple for that living con-artist Sai Baba?

When Reason Sleeps Demons Dance !

Where are we taking our nation?

Buddhist Shrine at the Department of Examinations

Foundation stones were laid for the erection of a Buddhist Shrine at
the premises of the Department of Examinations on 19.05.2005.

The ceremony was chaired by Mr. W.A.M. Wijayasiri , the Commissioner General of Examinations and, most of the former Commissioners of Examinations and some other invitees were present as chief guests.

The estimated cost of about Rs. 01 Million is to be raised solely from donations.

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